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Feb 21

Dental Implant with Slow-Release Medication Reservoir

By John Sarno DMD | Dental Treatments , John Sarno DMD

Researchers have developed a dental implant with a built-in reservoir for the slow release of drugs. This schematic presents it integrated into the jawbone and with a crown on the tooth.
Image credit: Kaat De Cremer, KU Leuven

The researchers, from various departments at KU Leuven in Belgium, describe how they designed and tested the implant in a paper published in the journal European Cells& Materials .

Lead author Dr. Kaat De Cremer, from the Centre of Microbial and Plant Genetics at KU Leuven, explains that the reservoir in the implant can be filled by removing the cover bolt.

” The implant is made of a porous composite material, so that the narcotics gradually diffuse from the reservoir to the outside of the implant, which is in direct contact with the bone cells. As an outcome, the bacteria can no longer form a biofilm .”

In general, bacteria have two life-forms. In one, the planktonic nation, they exist as single, independent cells, and in the other, they aggregate in a slime-enclosed mass called a biofilm.

Apr 15

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

By John Sarno DMD | John Sarno DMD , Jupiter Dentist

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No less than fifty years back, assessments of those going into the U.S Army showed that Americans’ teeth were in pretty unhealthy shape. Very few people took care of their smile. There was not a single guideline for how frequently you needed to consult a dentist. A lot of dentists focused on remedying ailments as opposed to stopping them. Dentistry together with health organizations determined there was a need to set requirements for defensive dentistry. Without a clear reference point  they simply made some logical guesses that lead to the twice a year rule.

The Twice a Year Rule Started with a Pepsodent Advert

Interestingly the very first and foremost utilization of the twice-a-year guidelines actually originated in Pepsodent toothpaste advertisements. Regardless of the origins, this has confirmed to be a powerful rule of thumb for many.

Planning dental visits ought to depend on every person’s oral hygiene, habits and medical conditions. Even though you take outstanding care of your teeth and gums at home, you will still  be wise to see a dentist regularly.  Dr.Sarno will be able to search for conditions that you may not recognize . Many dental complications will not start out as detectable or lead to irritations until they are in advanced stages. Good examples include things like cavities, gum affliction not to mention oral cancer. Frequent visits make it possible for the dental practitioner to discover early onset evidence of disease. Complications can be treated at a manageable phase.

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Normally it is best to take a trip to Dr.Sarno’s Jupiter,Fl dental office twice per year. Occasionally people with very good dental health can visit the dentist once annually and still stay healthy. Other people might require substantially more repeated appointments. Those that have very little danger of cavities as well as periodontal illness are able to do very well visiting their dental professional just once each year. Those that have a high peril of dental ailments would need to stop by every 3-4 months, or even more. This higher than average risk group of people incorporates:

Cigarette users
Expecting mothers
People with recent gum ailments
Those that have a vulnerable immune response to bacterial problems

People who tend to get cavities or simply build up plaque

The routine for just about any person may possibly alter throughout a lifetime. In times of emotional stress or maybe sickness, you may have to visit the dental office more often than usual. The dentist will assist you to to fight a temporary infection or take care of any other problems with your  dental health.

Once you take good care of your teeth and gums and if Dr.Sarno doesn’t find any cavities or gum ailments for quit some time, he may decide to lengthen the period of time between your visits. Ask Dr.Sarno for the best schedule for your planned dental visits.


Apr 11

How to Stop Bad Breath

By John Sarno DMD | Dental Treatments , John Sarno DMD

Bad breath, better known as halitosis, is

often caused by food items when robust aromas are assimilated by the body. These foods are ultimately brought back up into the lungs where their displeasing odors are then exhaled . Offensive breath odor developed this way is only wiped out at the time the foods has passed through the digestive system; mouthwash and brushing is able to only reduce the odor for the time being.

Proper Dental Care Helps

Inadequate dental care habits like scarce brushing and flossing allow bacteria to grow in the mouth area: between teeth, adjoining gums, as well as on the tongue. This is often counteracted by gargling anti-bacterial mouthwash. A few other health issues might also manifest as foul breath. Periodontal disease, a kind of gum condition attributable to plaque buildup on the gums delivers off a bad smell in one’s breath. Xerostomia, or just dry breath, is a problem in which not enough saliva is created. Accordingly, the mouth is not cleansed of residing food materials, and dead cells, resulting in breath odor.

Preventing Bad Breath Jupiter

Good and continued oral hygiene is regarded as the simplest method to put a stop to offensive breath odor.Your teeth should be brushed after every single meal that you eat and that includes snacks as well. Flossing also helps prevent build-up of food materials and also cavity inducing plaque. Gargling mouthwash with peroxide may also help keep your breath pure throughout the day. Ingesting an ample amount of water aids in preventing parched breath and is therefore a powerful preventive measure too.

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Cavities together with gum disorders which will cause unpleasant breath are generally determined or remedied by your dentist to prevent unpleasant breath odor. If you visit your Jupiter dentist on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain good oral health and wellness. Jupiter dentist Dr. John Sarno is offering free consultations at his office located at John Sarno DMD 4600 Military Trail Ste # 114 Jupiter,Fl 33458. Call John Sarno DMD today and set up for a Free Consultation so Dr. Sarno can review your dental situation and help you move forward to a bright and beautiful smile.

Mar 04

Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida Office

By John Sarno DMD | John Sarno DMD , Jupiter Dentist

First impressions count,

When it comes to first impressions, the primary thing that people notice about you is your smile. It’s really the one thing on the face that eyes are forced to hone in on; and if you want to be able to give a great first impression, an attractive smile definitely helps.A smile creates the impact of self-esteem and friendliness, and if you want to have the ability to close social ranges and forge brand new bonds, a wonderful smile is certainly one factor that will help you make the relationship happen.

And so, what makes a smile appealing?

Pearly-white and perfectly clean teeth are the hallmarks of a good smile; they show that the particular person gives importance to their cleanliness and it indicates that they care about their appearance and it’s effect on others.It’s difficult not to smile in return, most definitely when the individual smiling at you has a gorgeous smile. The problem is that it’s not easy to give a great smile if you’ve have an ugly yellow tint on your teeth; and a lot of people regrettably really have that still see that yellow tint even after brushing properly.

What is the reason why teeth develop that unpleasant looking yellowish tint over time?

Stated briefly, the surface of the teeth is comprised of microscopic dentinal tubules – very much like little, slim tubes. These “tubes” are very porous in nature, and pigments from your food as well as liquid refreshments are absorbed, which then causes the unsightly stains. In the event that these pigments are not taken off immediately, they build up in the exterior surface of the teeth over time, which in turn causes the teeth to become discolored or yellow.

Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida Office

If you want to enjoy a smile which could make folks stop and stare, then we need to getting rid of these discoloring tints and debris to ensure that your naturally white teeth are healthy and bright. Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida office by John Sarno DMD  will make your smile bright and beautiful again. Professional teeth whitening is definitely the most effective way to improve the brightness of your smile. The best professional teeth whitening procedure is done by a Doctor of Medical Dentistry. Home tooth whitening gels can damage the enamel of the teeth. It is always best to have a professional tooth whitening dentist like John Sarno DMD of Jupiter, Florida to administer the teeth whitening treatment. Working at home with bleaching gels in teeth whitening trays can be dangerous. Many people have damaged the enamel of their teeth by using these chemicals improperly.

Dr. Sarno has many reviews online encouraging other patients to seek his services. The reason for this is that John Sarno DMD is a very caring and talented dentist. Carbamide peroxide,hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals used in teeth whitening treatments can be rather dangerous and rarely give you the results that you will receive from Dr. Sarno. Dr.Sarno’s dental office and  dental lab located in the Jupiter, Fl.

Call John Sarno DMD today and set up for a free consultation so Dr. Sarno can review your dental situation and help you move forward to a bright and beautiful smile.