Dental Technology: Buying New Toys for Your Dental Office

By John Sarno DMD | Dental News

Nov 07


Breakthrough Clinical as Editorial Director Stacey L. Simmons, DDS, explains why she loves her new digital scanner and dental imaging, as well as what she looks for in buying a new piece of dental technology for her practice.

It’s clear that the digital and technological world has firmly induced its footprint in dentistry, and if you’re like me, you don’t want to get left behind. That clearly arrives at a price and again, if you’re like me, you have to study world markets for the most recent and greatest gadgets and gismos, assess your finances, and then decide whether to take the plunge and purchase said toy( s ). My colleague and co-editorial director, Dr. Josh Austin, is a specialist in dental technology.

Well, the most recent addition to my digital armamentarium has not frustrated. I recently bought the Carestream CS 3600 digital scanner. What do I like best? This part of dental imaging equipment didn’t transgress my budget, its small and easy to use, it integrates with my software( Eaglesoft ), it scans promptly, customer support is readily( and easily) available, my crown/ bridge and scanned denture instances come back quickly and accurately, there are no associated fees, I don’t have to mess with impression material, and my patients desire it! They get so excited about learning a scanned image of their tooth that can be flipped around on the screen–all of their friends only have to know about it. Talk about a win-win.

I’ve only been using it 2 months and I’ve not yet tapped into the full potential of the scanner, but that will come with time. Bottom line: I’m never going back to impression material.

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Happy fall, my friends!

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