Root Canal

Do I Need a Root Canal and What Should I Expect?

root-canal Today we are going to discuss The Root Canal, what is it and what are the reasons that you may actually need one. I will also cover the alternatives available after a root canal. I think you will benefit greatly by taking a few minutes to learn about root canals and how they may help to bring back your best smile.

Why do I need a root canal on my tooth?

Sometimes the decay or cavity present in a tooth goes deep enough that it reaches the pulp or pulp chamber of the tooth. In this case the decay or infection has gone into the nerve or blood vessel present inside the main central portion of the tooth.
This is usually accompanied by intense dental pain which may or may not be sharp or throbbing in nature. In this case the tooth needs to have the pulp consisting of the nerve and vascular removed and cleaned out properly to stop the infection, which may or may not travel down the roots to the tip of the roots present.

What alternatives are possible for me at this point?

Usually root canal treatment is needed to kill the infection present. Once this is done due to a loss of vascularity and cells going to and from the tooth it becomes more brittle, which usually requires a crown as a restoration to solve this issue. This also depends on the size of access opening or hole made to perform the root canal treatment.
Some patients may opt for extracting or pulling the tooth rather than saving it, which later may need either a bridge or possible implant for proper restoration.

Now that you have a little more information about root canals it will be much easier to make informed decisions about your dental health. I would be more than glad to discuss those decisions with you in person, feel free to call me at 561-557-4159 on you can even make an appointment to come see me at John Sarno D.M.D. 4600 Military Trail Ste. #114 Jupiter, FL 33458

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