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Teeth Whitening, Why,When and How?

 Tooth Whitening  John Sarno DMD Today we are going to discuss Teeth Whitening. What are the reasons that you may actually need this type of procedure? I will also cover some different procedures available for my patients. I think you will benefit greatly by taking a few minutes to learn about teeth whitening and how it may help to bring back your best smile.

Why did my teeth become darker ?

Over time, your enamel can change from bright white to not-so-bright for a number of motives like; Food and drink Espresso, tea and crimson wine are some fundamental staining culprits. What do they have in commonplace? Intense color pigments referred to as chromogens that connect to the white, outer part of your teeth (tooth).

Tobacco use

Two chemicals discovered in tobacco create stubborn stains: tar and nicotine. Tar is clearly dark. Nicotine is colorless until it’s combined with oxygen. Then, it turns into a yellowish, surface-staining substance.

Under the tough, white outer shell of your enamel (teeth) is a softer place referred to as dentin. Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and the yellowish dentin shines through.

If you’ve been hit within the mouth, your enamel may alternate color as it reacts to harm by using  more dentin, that is a darker layer beneath the enamel.

Enamel darkening may be an aspect impact of positive antihistamines, anti-psychotics and high blood pressure medications. Younger kids who’re exposed to antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline while their teeth are forming (both inside the womb or as a baby) may additionally have discoloration in their adult teeth later in lifestyles. Chemotherapy and head and neck radiation can also darken teeth.

How will the Teeth Whitening Procedure Actually Work?

Enamel whitening is an easy method. Whitening products currently include one of two (2) teeth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). Those bleaches ruin stains into smaller portions, which makes the coloration much less focused and your teeth brighter.

Can Teeth Whitening Work on All My Teeth?  

No, that is why it’s essential to speak to your dentist before determining to whiten your teeth, as whiteners won’t accurately work on all varieties of discoloration. For example, yellow tooth will probable bleach well, brown teeth won’t respond as nicely and enamel with grey tones may not bleach in any respect. Whitening will not work on caps, veneers, crowns or fillings. Teeth Whitening may not be effective if your tooth discoloration is caused by medicines or a tooth damage.

We make our own crowns,dentures and other dental apparatus right here in our Jupiter Dental Lab.

Now that you have a little more information about teeth whitening it will be much easier to make informed decisions about your dental health.

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