Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida Office

By John Sarno DMD | John Sarno DMD

Mar 04

First impressions count,

When it comes to first impressions, the primary thing that people notice about you is your smile. It’s really the one thing on the face that eyes are forced to hone in on; and if you want to be able to give a great first impression, an attractive smile definitely helps.A smile creates the impact of self-esteem and friendliness, and if you want to have the ability to close social ranges and forge brand new bonds, a wonderful smile is certainly one factor that will help you make the relationship happen.

And so, what makes a smile appealing?

Pearly-white and perfectly clean teeth are the hallmarks of a good smile; they show that the particular person gives importance to their cleanliness and it indicates that they care about their appearance and it’s effect on others.It’s difficult not to smile in return, most definitely when the individual smiling at you has a gorgeous smile. The problem is that it’s not easy to give a great smile if you’ve have an ugly yellow tint on your teeth; and a lot of people regrettably really have that still see that yellow tint even after brushing properly.

What is the reason why teeth develop that unpleasant looking yellowish tint over time?

Stated briefly, the surface of the teeth is comprised of microscopic dentinal tubules – very much like little, slim tubes. These “tubes” are very porous in nature, and pigments from your food as well as liquid refreshments are absorbed, which then causes the unsightly stains. In the event that these pigments are not taken off immediately, they build up in the exterior surface of the teeth over time, which in turn causes the teeth to become discolored or yellow.

Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida Office

If you want to enjoy a smile which could make folks stop and stare, then we need to getting rid of these discoloring tints and debris to ensure that your naturally white teeth are healthy and bright. Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter Florida office by John Sarno DMD  will make your smile bright and beautiful again. Professional teeth whitening is definitely the most effective way to improve the brightness of your smile. The best professional teeth whitening procedure is done by a Doctor of Medical Dentistry. Home tooth whitening gels can damage the enamel of the teeth. It is always best to have a professional tooth whitening dentist like John Sarno DMD of Jupiter, Florida to administer the teeth whitening treatment. Working at home with bleaching gels in teeth whitening trays can be dangerous. Many people have damaged the enamel of their teeth by using these chemicals improperly.

Dr. Sarno has many reviews online encouraging other patients to seek his services. The reason for this is that John Sarno DMD is a very caring and talented dentist. Carbamide peroxide,hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals used in teeth whitening treatments can be rather dangerous and rarely give you the results that you will receive from Dr. Sarno. Dr.Sarno’s dental office and  dental lab located in the Jupiter, Fl.

Call John Sarno DMD today and set up for a free consultation so Dr. Sarno can review your dental situation and help you move forward to a bright and beautiful smile.


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